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We all have something that we're not good at (and I am someone who is too spaced to be good at most things, :lmao:). I personally am not very good at keeping plants alive.

I have never had a plant that hasn't died on me almost straight away. I tend to forget about watering them and then I over water them so that they basically do the plant version of drowning. Cacti, succulent plants, herbs, African violets (I accidentally dropped a book on the other one, poor thing), bonsai tree starter kit things; you name it I've accidentally killed them all…

Until I got my Sundew plant; you know, those carnivorous things that have long leaves with sticky stuff all over it to catch bugs (reminds me of an ice cream on a stick a little. Except with ants everywhere, so maybe one that fell on the ground…) But the helpful instructions told me that I shouldn't pour water over it or it'll die. So take a pot and put it in a bowl of water, simple. And it is now two years old! I am consequently doing the same for all my plants from now on.

I thought that I killed it a couple of times, like when it flowered the first time and I almost cut the thing off. Apparently cutting the flower stalk kills it… I was on holiday and the people who house sat forgot to water it… It truly has survived amazing odds and broken the 100% death ratio…

Since its success it has gotten a brother and sister if you like. I got an African violet from my Ouma (my grandma, grandmother, granny, etc). She really seems to want me to make a success out of plants, and surprisingly, this is still alive too. It didn't flower yet and I heard a rumour that they only flower in healthy rooms. Hmm… But it really is growing; I'm going to have to re-pot it soon.

And a week or two ago I got a Venus Fly Trap from Ouma, I think she knew that I have always wanted one… And it is also alive still! Who could have guessed? And cute, so small… Plus it caught something yesterday, I think that it might be a small beetle; the leg sticking out is black, or maybe a baby park town prawn? I don't know the real name for the prawns but it's like a cross between a cockroach (that hit it with a shoe and it keeps on running in all its dark glory kinda vibe. Only way to make sure you killed it is to drown it sadly seen as well they are poisonous as far as I know) and a grasshopper. Park town prawns are the ones that scream at you if you hit them, they scare you more than anything when that happens and ups the pity.

I'm proud of how my plants are doing; they must be made of sturdy stuff to survive me. :clap:
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